It's not unusual to see headlines regarding crime. We see our fair share most of the time. However, something seems different this year. For whatever reason, it seems like we're seeing it more than usual.

Either way, theft is becoming such a problem that one county sheriff's office in the Texas panhandle is beefing up their efforts to put a stop to it and bring thieves to justice.

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Theft Is Apparently Becoming A Big Problem In Hutchinson County

Recently, a post was made on the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office Facebook page regarding their efforts to combat thieves. They're activating reserve deputies. They're increasing the number of deputies during multiple shifts.

You can see it below.

Tis The Season To Keep An Eye On Your Stuff

It's nothing new to hear about thefts this time of year. Warnings are issued at the start of the holiday season every year over protecting your stuff; from having things delivered to your doorstep, to how you purchase items through local online marketplaces.

There are usually several attempts to educate consumers regarding scams this time of year. Scammers call, text, email, and sometimes even come to your front door hoping to find a way to separate you from your hard earned cash.

What you usually don't see is a sheriff's office announce they're increasing their presence due to the rise in the number of these types of incidents.

Be on the lookout this year. If you usually have packages left on your doorstep, think about using another location where they can be watched over until you pick them up. Don't leave your car running unattended.

When it comes to scams, if it sounds too good to be true or it sounds "off," it probably is. Don't give out your info or buy any gift cards. Verify the information on your own.

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