The weather has been insane recently in Amarillo, Texas and the rest of the panhandle. We've experienced all four seasons in rapid succession, and it looks like we'll see more of it this weekend. The National Weather Service Amarillo put out their forecast heading into the weekend, and I hope you enjoy cooler weather.

Are We Going To See Snow In Amarillo, Texas This Weekend?

Knowing that it was supposed to cool down heading into the weekend, I checked the National Weather Service Amarillo Facebook page to see if there were any updates on what to expect. What I saw I wouldn't believe if I didn't live in the Texas panhandle.

There's a chance for snow in parts of the Texas panhandle. Their forecast is more for rain, but they do say there is a chance for snow mixing with the rain. However we get it, we're all thankful for the moisture.

Can We Please Pick A Season And Stick With It In The Texas Panhandle?!

There are rain chances and then there are the cooler temperatures in parts of the panhandle. I wouldn't say we're completely in full-blown spring just yet. We still get to ride the temperature roller coaster for a little bit longer.

Speaking of; can we please pick a season and stick with it? I know I'm not alone in feeling like a walking snot factory. My allergies have been so bad I've got mucus on tap. I don't know how many more boxes of tissues I can go through, or sleepless nights with coughing fits, without completely losing my mind.

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