Geotab recently revealed an interactive map showcasing "ghost towns" in America. Texas has the distinct honor of being the state with the most ghost towns that you can visit.

No other state actually came close to Texas. The Lone Star State has 511 ghost towns. The closest was California with 346.

According to a press release, the following methodology was used.

To create the interactive map, Geotab collected lists of ghost towns in each U.S. state using a range of books and websites including and, then identified the location of each (to a minimum precision of county level). 

The interactive map can be seen here.

According to the press release:

The states with the highest number of ghost towns are Texas (511), California (346) and Kansas (308). On the other hand, Rhode Island and Connecticut are home to the fewest, with just one and four respectively.

Take a look at the interactive map, and plan a trip for warmer weather visiting some of Texas' "ghost towns."

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