Update #2: A statement has been issued by Texas Tech University about the viral video. You can read it here.

Update: The video posted to Twitter was removed by the user. However, it can be seen on the FMX Facebook page in the comment section of this thread.

Warning: The below video contains a racial slur.

Whoa boy, there's a lot to unpack here. So I'll just write a letter to Alyssa myself.

Alyssa, I get it. It's your college years, you're possibly letting loose for the first time, and maybe you can't handle your alcohol. Perhaps nobody in your life has ever held you accountable for your actions. Maybe you come from a place of incredible privilege and couldn't possibly empathize with other human beings. Perhaps you've been taught wrong your whole life. Maybe, as my grandfather would have said to you, "you ain't never been anywhere or ever met nobody." That is to say, maybe you are just really, really ignorant. Maybe you thought you were being "funny," but I hear pure malice in your words. I don't know for sure, because I don't know you.

However, absolutely none of that is any excuse for what you said. What you said is not only hurtful, it's dangerous. You are forwarding a narrative that people of color deserve harassment, injury and death by alluding to the KKK, and by using that hateful, disgusting word. I pity you for having that worldview, and I sincerely hope you mature into a more thoughtful and empathetic person.

This video will probably haunt you for the rest of your life. I hope someone who sees it thinks better of acting so ugly in the future. Maybe the silver lining is that someone will learn from this. Maybe that person will be you.

The first thing you need to do is apologize -- to everyone, basically. You need to apologize to an entire community of people that you slandered. You need to apologize to your friends. (A BIG shoutout to your friend on the left for standing up to you.) Alyssa, you DO need to stop. You need to apologize to your sorority, which is obviously appalled and embarrassed by your behavior:

You need to apologize to Texas Tech University, an inclusive and diverse place of learning that does not agree with your worldview. Apologize to your parents, unless they need to apologize to you if they raised you this way. Apologize to Lubbock for making us all look bad. And apologize to yourself. It's going to be awhile before you can forgive you.

The opinions expressed in this piece are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else at Townsquare Media, but I can tell you I've never heard anyone in this building say anything nearly so vile.

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