Turkey Explosion

Here in Texas, if it's edible, you can deep fry it and serve it for dinner. But that mentality has caused Texas to have the most cooking fires on Thanksgiving over the past seven years.

Deep-fried turkeys are not just a Texas thing. But we do like it more than anyone else. The trend gained a lot of momentum around 2010, which caused a spike in Thanksgiving fires.Thankfully, Texans were able to sort out right from wrong and prevent those fires from happening. According to State Farm, there are a lot less deep-fried turkey tragedies today than there used to be.

However, turkeys aren't the only things frying on Thanksgiving. So Texas still has a monumental lead on the competition for most cooking fires that day.

Would you like to know how many fires we caused?

Between 2008 and 2015, Texas had 39 cooking fires on Thanksgiving. Ohio and Illinois, who are tied for second place, only had 28.

So as much as I loved the deep-fried cuisine of the Lone Star State, I encourage everyone to follow safety procedures and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

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