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It is that time of year again... time to eat, drink, watch football, nap and be thankful. All that is is fine and dandy but what about all the time in between...

There is most likely one of two things happening. Either you get hit by the same annoying questions such as:

  • When your Aunt asks "Are you dating anyone yet?"
  • Or Grandma says "When are you going to have kids?"
  • Or "Are you still in that job?"

Thanksgiving can turn into an interrogation pretty quickly.  On the flip side, maybe there is a family drama.

Years of passive-aggressive behavior and pent up frustration... you never know if this is the year everyone is going to crack.

Everyone walks on eggshells to avoid a blow-up.

Haha whatever you Thanksgiving looks like, we found the best items on Amazon to help you build your Thanksgiving survival kit.

First things first you have to dress for the part.

Sick of answering the same questions? Give them something new to ask! Check out this TableTopics to GO Holiday Trio.

Style your hair just right, or wear a hat and you can ignore everyone with these discrete wireless headphones.

Dose off with no one noticing with this sleeping mask.


Sometimes you just need to take the edge off, look at these hilarious flasks you can sneak anywhere. 


Hair Brush Flask

Flask Tie

If things get really bad, you can always pull out the fake barf trick and say you need to leave.


Whatever this Thanksgiving holds, be sure the take some time to be thankful. Even if they are crazy, they are yours. Family is the most important part of what makes the holiday season magical.

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