I understand. Having the kids home for any extended time can drive even the greatest of parents a little crazy. The kids in Amarillo are out of school starting today. The Canyon kids have been out all week.

What is a Parent To Do?

We are in the hustle and bustle. We are trying to make sure everything is perfect for tomorrow. Even if you are not cooking you know you have to spend a lot of time with family.

Oh and then the holiday shopping starts. You are in a race against time to get that done. More stress on you. So what is the game plan? Are you doing shopping on Friday? Are you getting out to get it all done in one day?

Free is My Favorite Word

When the word free is involved my ears perk up. Oh, how I love the word free. Maybe while you are doing the Christmas shopping you can get dad, or an older sibling, or a trusted neighbor to take the younger ones out for the day.

This way you can shop. Maybe come home and even really get ahead and get those presents wrapped. What will the kids be doing? Well hanging out at The Discovery Center. They are hosting their free admission day.

That is just the best.

credit: Discovery Center Facebook
credit: Discovery Center Facebook

So why you are out shopping during the day let the kiddos go hang out at the Discovery Center. They will have fun. You will feel great knowing that portion of the day is free. Kudos to one less thing for you to have to worry about.

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