I am trying to be disciplined here. I bought my house a few years after downsizing from the home my daughter and I lived in....to the one I live in now.

But here is what is getting me.....the fear of being WAY too old to work full time and pay off a 30 year mortgage down the line has petrified me.

I don't want to HAVE to work after 64 or so JUST so I can pay off my house. This has become a major goal of mine. I need to try to pay on the principal EVERY month. EVERY single month.

It all falls on my shoulders. So I have started working A LOT more and instead of running out to buy me a new car.....go on weekend trips every weekend or even shopping sprees. Trust me they are tempting. I refuse to do it.

I have started making those extra payments to tackle that principal and even though my 30 year mortgage is now down to about 24 years. I do see a light at the end of this tunnel.

Any little bit you can put down towards the principal a year will really help you out in the long run. So try to become disciplined....it is tough. Trust me it is! You will feel so much better as the length of paying off your house dwindles down.

If you can find yourself a part time job and just use that money for that purpose....just anything you can do. I highly recommend it.

Some mortgage companies even have it set up that you can make half of your payment every two weeks. This way, if you get paid bi-weekly, you can end up making one full extra payment a year. It helps tremendously and you don't feel the hurt so much.

Do you have any tips to getting your mortgage paid off faster?

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