Andre the Giant is a man whose name transcends just being a wrestler. He was massively respected; loved greatly by those who knew him. Those who weren't wrestling fans loved him for his role in the movie Princess Bride where he played what else but, a lovable giant.

What many may not know are the incredible legends of Andre's time on the Texas high plains.

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Wrestling's Heyday In Amarillo, Texas Featured The Iconic Giant

You've got to go way back in Amarillo's relationship with professional wrestling. It was a time when future legends and icons were making appearances in Yellow City. The laundry list of names is enough to make a wrestling fan's eyes roll back in their head.

The Funks were calling the shots in Amarillo at the time. They were bringing in superstars and madmen who would put on incredible shows for those in attendance.

I would have loved to have been in the crowd on one of those nights.

That tweet features an advertisement for a match between Terry Funk (6'3" 252lbs) and Andre the Giant (7'4" 455lbs). Those numbers are mind boggling.

In the '70s, Andre was the "The Undefeated Giant of Wrestling," and it would seem that Terry Funk was a part of that streak that went well into the following decade.

Andre The Giant, Future Million Dollar Man, And Trash Can Beers

Crawl through interviews about Andre on YouTube, dig through articles across the web; you'll find stories about Andre and alcohol. They're mostly hilarious stories of someone trying to keep up with Andre who, because of his size, could really put the drinks away.

One such story involves a young Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man. According to accounts, the Funks had asked Dibiase to show Andre a good time while he was in Amarillo (DiBiase was a student at WT at the time).

Supposedly, when a waitress asked them for their order, Andre asked her if they had a big trash can. When she said that yeah they have them, Andre told her to empty one out and put beer and ice in it. Legend goes, she found one and filled it with a few cases of beer before dragging it to the table.

A 100-Beer Night In Amarillo, Texas With The Giant

Another account given about Andre was a night he supposedly drank 100 beers in a night while in Amarillo. That account was given by Terry Funk, and featured in an article after Andre's death, as his close friends shared stories of their time with the larger than life personality.

Andre the Giant is as beloved as anyone could ever hope to be, with generations of adoring fans still mesmerized by his presence in the ring or by his most famous film role.

I hope that those who were able to see him on the high plains knew just how special those moments would be.

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