You've got to love those moments when you stumble across something completely unexpected on YouTube. I've written before about Andre the Giant and his ties to the Texas panhandle, but haven't really been able to find a lot of video. That all changed today.

Look at this awesome vintage wrestling video (supposedly filmed in Amarillo) with Andre the Giant!

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Amarillo's Long Wrestling Legacy

The Texas panhandle, not just Amarillo, has a long and rich history in professional wrestling. In fact, there are several legendary names from the golden age of WWF who thrilled crowds in the Amarillo territory.

One of those names is, Andre the Giant.

Vintage NWA Wrestling Featuring Wrestling Legends

The video I found on YouTube features names that many of us in the Texas panhandle, and fans of wrestling, are very familiar with.

The Vintage Wrestling Channel via YouTube
The Vintage Wrestling Channel via YouTube

There's the interview you see featuring Dick Murdoch where none other than Dory Funk Jr. walks up and joins in, giving his two cents on the state of things.

Keep watching, and you'll see other faces and hear names that jog the memory. Then, at about the 10:23 mark, Andre the Giant appears.

Check out the hair, and I need a much smaller version of that shirt.

Andre The "Gentle" Giant

It's funny at times watching the interview with Andre take place. He towers above the poor guy holding the microphone. He's an absolute mountain of a man.

His deep booming voice, while I'm sure at times was the source of terror for those who rarely found themselves on his bad side, is gentle. It's almost soothing.

There's still a lot of pro wrestling happening in the Texas panhandle. Next time you find yourself wondering what to do on a Saturday night, find an event taking place and go have some fun.

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