A couple of months ago, I did a piece about wrestling in Borger, Texas. A new outfit popped up at the start of the year, and was doing all it could to bring a big time show to the small panhandle town. Fast forward to this weekend, and they just keep upping the ante.

If you're into pure wrestling mayhem, leave it to Borger, Texas to scratch your itch.

Motivate Pro Wrestling And Borger, Texas

In all honesty, when I first heard about Motivate Pro Wrestling, I rolled my eyes a bit. Nothing against Borger. I love you and all your wacky ways, Borger.

You just didn't seem like a likely ground-zero for the latest and greatest in pro wrestling.

Call it ignorance on my part, and I'll accept that. I went to watch for myself, and left thoroughly entertained. It was a fantastic night of entertainment. My favorite player in the entire spectacle was you, Borger. The crowd was the star of the show.

The wrestlers were talented, and more than one knew how to work the crowd into a foaming at the mouth frenzy. I swear I heard someone's grandmother call for blood to be spilled.

I thought I had seen what MPW had to offer. There was a title match, a double cross, a three-way match, and a guy named Doctor Pain that everyone wanted to see get arrested or possibly executed in the town square.

Ambulances, WWE Celebs, Title Matches, And A Hardcore Match

That's what it is scheduled for this weekend. When I spoke recently with the head of MPW, he laid out the plans for the evening.

There's an ambulance match. Winner is the guy who gets his opponent in the back of an ambulance and locks the door first. This one is a rematch featuring the man everyone loves to hate, Doctor Pain. He'll be taking on Plexx, a fan favorite.

The reigning women's champ is putting her title on the line in a hardcore match. No rules. No holds barred.

The reigning Boomtown champ, Gino Rivera, will be defending his title. There's also going to be a battle for the AIWF America's Heavyweight title taking place.

The wrestler formerly known as WWE's Kalisto is going to be entering the ring, and even has an event taking place earlier in the day for wrestling fans.

My Point Is This...

As unlikely as you think it might be, Borger is home to one of the more entertaining nights out I've had so far this year. After the last event was held off site, it's nice to see MPW back at the Borger Dome.

The energy is electric in there. The crowd is loud and in charge. It's a great time, plus it isn't terribly expensive. Ten bucks is all it takes to get a seat. Fifteen bucks and you get on the front row.

On top of that, first responders get half-priced tickets on May 6.

You can find out more at this link. If I had to pick a spot to be on May 6 with the kids enjoying a night out, it would probably be Borger at the Dome.

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