I love Borger, Texas. It's one of my favorite panhandle towns. The history of Borger is intense, wild, and full of major ups and downs. One of my favorite stories gives Borger an interesting tie to Bonnie and Clyde.

Borger was once so lawless, that an elite Texas Ranger got called to clean house.

Does The Name Frank Hamer Ring A Bell?

I enjoyed the movie, The Highwaymen. Kevin Costner is one of my favorite actors, especially when he isn't in a sports wrapped romance. In that movie he plays legendary Texas Ranger, Frank Hamer.

Frank Hamer was one of the men tasked with finding Bonnie and Clyde and ending their reign of terror.

Frank was good at his job, and has a career full of wild stories. One story takes Frank Hamer to the little panhandle town of Borger, Texas.

Once Upon A Time, In Borger, Texas...

At one point in time, Borger was borderline lawless. At the time, Borger was an oilfield boom town that was quickly working up a reputation; and it wasn't necessarily a good one...as far as polite society is concerned.

One of the issues was the town marshal. He wasn't simply corrupt. He ran a network of stills that supplied saloons with bootleg rotgut whiskey. The saloons stayed open 24 hours a day, according to the stories, and the marshal's stills kept them supplied with booze.

Things finally reaching a tipping point, and a newly elected governor of the state of Texas decided Borger needed a timeout.

Here Comes Frank Hamer

According to legends, Frank Hamer arrived in Borger with one job to do. Investigate the happenings in Borger, Texas. It was Hamer's job to see what was going on, and report back to the governor.

The story goes that it would only take two days for Frank Hamer to make his assessment. Legend has it his report was that Borger, Texas contained the worst criminal ring he had ever seen in his career as an officer.

Go big or go home. That should be the town motto of Borger.

The governor promptly dispatched a handful of Texas Rangers to go clean up the town.

In 1934, Hamer Would Go Down In History

That's the year that Hamer would be called upon to go after Bonnie and Clyde. It took him three months to bring the duo down. By doing so, he etched his place in history.

But before that, he was the man sent to settle Borger down.

The Charm of Main Street and Downtown Borger, Texas

This once-lawless Wild West boomtown is now a quiet town of 13,000 nestled in the Texas Panhandle. Located 40 miles north of Amarillo and 13 miles from Lake Meredith, the city of Borger is your typical small town. Friendly faces and warm greetings will surround you as you stroll down Borger's Main Street--a trip we highly recommend you take at least once in your life time.

Neumann & Company: Boutique & Coffee Shop in Borger, Texas

One of life's greatest pleasures can be finding a true hidden gem. And that's exactly what Neumann & Company in Borger, Texas is!

Located at 503 N. Main St., this unique storefront is home to a stunningly beautiful boutique in the front and a delicious specialty coffee shop in the back. But more than just being a boutique and coffee shop in a small Texas Panhandle town, Neumann & Company is one of those rare places with a life of its own.

Not sure what we mean? Take a tour of this lovely crown jewel of downtown Borger, and then go take a short drive to visit the place yourself!

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