The next time you find yourself at Hodgetown or perhaps taking in a Canyon game at the newly completed Happy State Bank Stadium, The national anthem will definitely be heard. Or at least that's what is in the works down in Austin.

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The Star Spangled Banner Protection Act

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has introduced a bill in the Texas Senate called the "Star Spangled Banner Protection act" Catchy Huh? What this little 2 page gem of a bill, which has been added to the priority list for the current 87th session, does is require the national anthem to be played at all sporting events in the State of Texas. The fact that this is a priority baffles me. I get it. I truly do, not dissing the national anthem at all but don't we have better things to worry about? Like fixing our power grid or getting more money to cities like Amarillo to fix the amazing potholes we have here?

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This is a solution looking for a problem

It's always nice to see bi-partisan support for a bill. But this one doesn't really seem to be tackling a problem we have here in the Lone Star State. Pick any Friday night during High School Football season and you'll find a school band taking care of the anthem before every game, its part of Little League Baseball.. you actually have a harder time finding folks who aren't playing the anthem than are. Trust me, I've got little ones who play tournaments all the time. But that's not what this bill is targeted for. It really looks like it's a hand slap for Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban who tried to drop the anthem earlier this year. and the language of the bill shows it. It's written in a way that Pro Teams in Texas won't receive any state funding or be allowed to contract if they violate the law. I don't see Jerry Jones or Spurs Sports and Entertainment or anyone else lining up to challenge this law

Let me be clear here again, No issue with the national anthem at events. I'm a bible lovin', gun shootin', barbeque eatin' proud to be Texan son of a gun myself, but can we look for something more important to fix than this?

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