Once in a while you see something so strange, so odd, that you have a hard time processing the information your eyeballs are feeding your brain. One such moment came when a photo was posted online of a bus in Philadelphia. On the bus was an advertisement for Medicaid...in Texas.

Here's the really strange story of why Texas advertised in Philly; as far as we know.

Why Would Texas Medicaid Be Advertised in Philly

In a post on Reddit, an individual shared a rather odd photo of a bus in Philadelphia. What made it so odd was the advertisement for Texas Medicaid. I thought there was no possible way the photo was real. There's no license plate showing, so it could be a bus from anywhere.

Texas is required to advertise it's mandatory welfare programs. It is not required to reach the target audience (seen on a bus in Philly)
by u/FenrirIII in texas

I decided to search the area code from the phone number given in the advertisement below the Texas Medicaid ad, and that area code is from...Philadelphia. Also, SEPTA is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

Now, I have questions.

Is this government oversight? Is this poor planning? Is it some grand conspiracy?

Maybe. Possibly. Not likely.

It Might Just Be One Of The Worst Copy/Paste Jobs Of All Time

According to a user who claims to be a Texas state rep, this isn't a big conspiracy or an attempt by the government in Texas to subvert Medicaid. In fact, it's a very awkward compliment.

According to them, Texas did such a good job of advertising Medicaid that "the feds" took notice. The user claims that Texas was asked if their materials could be used to help out states that couldn't run their own campaign and needed "the feds" to help.

Texas, being a team player, said yes. Supposedly, this is where it all goes awry.

Instead of just using the materials, they copied everything "verbatim" and used it in Pennsylvania; at least according to our alleged state rep on Reddit.

What does it mean? How did it happen? Why did it happen?

I suppose, if you're from the Lone Star State, keep an eye out when you're traveling. You never know where some helpful information might pop up.

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