So my son went to visit his grandmother over the weekend.  I was so excited when I got him back.  I gave him a big hug and he smiled at me and I said, "is your tooth loose?"  He said, "yes and the tooth fairy will be coming to visit soon!"

So in a few days or a week the Tooth Fairy will be making a visit to our house.  Ethan will be losing his first tooth, and this will be another first for this mom.

So out of curiosity, when the Tooth Fairy visits your house how much money does he/she leave per tooth.

I have heard some people tell me the Tooth Fairy leaves as much as $10.  Ten dollars, really?  The Tooth Fairy only left me $1 per tooth.

So I need your help so I can be prepared when Ethan comes running out of his room after leaving his tooth under his pillow, what should I expect to see in his hand? One dollar, $5, $10?

Is it wrong to hope that it is Dwayne Johnson who visits our house?