A new billboard for JCPenney is raising quite a fuhrer.

The department store, which has battled lagging sales and a squandering customer base, now has a new problem: the billboard above.

In one of the more bizarre advertising campaigns to come along in a some time, an ad for a new Michael Grave-designed tea kettle has several people noticing the item's similarity to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler Teapot
Reddit, Getty Images

There may be no such thing as bad publicity, but going public with a piece of kitchenware that resembles of the most heinous world leader of all-time probably won't win you a lot of fans.

The billboard appears in Culver City, California and quickly went viral after it showed up on Reddit.

Let's just hope this doesn't start a trend or else a crock pot in the image of Mussolini at Sears could actually happen.

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