I love a good mozzarella stick. I love them even more when I can get them for cheap.

Tomorrow (June 6), you can get a small order of mozzarella sticks for $0.99 at Sonic. I plan on loading up.

A small order comes with 4 mozzarella sticks. Spend a couple of bucks and you can build a cabin out of your deep fried, cheesy Lincoln Logs.

A point of contention in my household is which dipping sauce is most appropriate with an order of mozzarella sticks. Personally, I like engage in blasphemy and dip mine in Ranch instead of marinara.

Something about the cheese, breading, and zest of Ranch sauce just makes me forget my existential dread for a couple of minutes before I go back to pondering the point of my own existence. Does food ever make you do that? Just me?

Existential dread or not, you're still going to get a small order of mozzarella sticks at Sonic tomorrow (June 6) for a penny shy of one dollar. If you suck at math, that's $0.99.

They also have some new slush flavors available. If vodka and Red Bull is a little too exciting, you can score a Red Bull slush at Sonic now. They also have a cherry limeade Red Bull slush.

A slush that gives you wings...what will they think of next?

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