Today is International Left Handers Day!

Growing up I didn't really realize that being left handed was so unusual. I mean I guess I knew they made special scissors for us. They were green!

I get a lot of people who comment when I am writing that "Hey, I didn't know you were left handed". I guess I didn't realize when I met people that my opening should always be "Hello I'm Melissa .and yes, I am left handed."

I went to San Francisco a couple years ago and discovered that they had a store called "Lefty's" that is stocked with stuff to make a left handed persons life easier.

They had notebooks that have the spiral on the right side.....scissors for us left handed people. Kitchen gadgets including can openers, corkscrews....the items are endless.

The store was just so cool and stuff that would have been handy for me growing up.....instead I adapted to the right hand world.

Yes, I write with my left hand.....but I do almost everything else with my right. I throw with my right hand....bat right handed....cut with my right hand (though I blame that for the reason I can't cut a straight line to save my life!)

I see a lot of lefty's who when they write....look so uncomfortable...their hand is in a weird curled position. I don't do that either...but then you can't read my writing anyway. I went to Catholic School when I l was learning to write cursive....but man I felt bad for those Nuns who were trying to help me just write.

So let's celebrate this day of being left handed We have a few celebrities that celebrate with us: Oprah, Paul McCartney, Kermit the Frog (since yes, Jim Henson was too) Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs was also.

Are you left handed? Comment below.

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