Ahhh the start of football season. We are full of games from now until February. This is a good time of year.

With football starting...it gives us another reason to have friends over....eat lots of great food.....and have a few drinks.

If you are hung over from football yesterday....this is why you are craving the food that you are.....

Alcohol does a number on you and makes you dehydrated....but it also depletes your body of some other important things.

You crave salt because you are dehydrated. That doesn't mean you are low on water. It also means you are low on electrolytes. Salt is an important electrolyte. Without it you wold die. So salty items helps you with a hangover.

Your body will also crave meat and eggs because they are loaded with an amino acid called cysteine that helps your liver break down the toxic byproducts of alcohol. These pesky toxins are the reason that you feel sweaty and nauseous after you have been drinking.

Your body needs carbs after a night of drinking. Alcohol wreaks havoc on your blood sugar and it makes it plummet. Carbs help to bring it back up. The only problem is if you just eat carbs that will just cause it to take a nose dive again. So make sure you eat your protein with your carbs. Eating that combo will make sure your body doesn't absorb the sugar and carbs all at once.

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