So tomorrow officially kicks off Fall.  Summer will be officially over and Fall will take over.  Fall is my second favorite season (Spring wins my top spot).  I love fall because of the beautiful colors and the cooler weather.   It is just one of those great seasons that just makes you happy.  So as we kick off the season tomorrow, here are the top 5 things that make me excited for Fall!

Hoodies and Sweaters

I miss my hoodies and I definitely miss my sweaters.  We are in a transition to where we can still get away with capris but it is just a bit chilly so we want to be warm so we grab our hoodie or our sweaters.  That section of my closet is screaming for me to use it.



Fall Foliage

I love it when the leaves start changing color.  It is a giant painting that nature is giving us in real life.  The reds, oranges, pinks, browns, the changing of the leaves just looks beautiful.  It makes you stop and enjoy the little things in life and the beauty in nature.

Jill Lang

Stews, Soups and Chili

The cooler weather means warmer food.  I miss my stews and soups and chili in the summer.  It is just to hot to eat those foods.  So when the temperatures start to drop, I start to break out my crock pot and my stew pot and start making the warm delicious meals that warm the heart as well as the belly.  I cannot wait for my first batch of green chili chicken stew.


Pumpkin Anything

Pumpkin decorations.  Pumpkin flavored stuff.  Pumpkin smelling candles, air freshener, Scentsy, etc.  Pumpkin everything.  Lots and lots of pumpkin spiced lattes (skinny of course).

Paul Grecaud

Fires in the Fireplace

Yes, this will be the season where we get to fire up our fireplaces for the first time.  It will be the time to cuddle up with your sweetheart in front of the fire and just enjoy each others company while the flames dance and the wood crackles as it burns.  Oh yeah, don't forget to break out the marshmallows and roast a few while the fire is burning!

Zsolt Nyulaszi

So what is your favorite thing about Fall?  Let me know!!