What a thrill: More than 30 years after it opened in theaters, Troop Beverly Hills is finally getting a sequel. The comedy opened to poor reviews in 1989, but slowly accumulated a large cult following of kids who grew up loving and quoting the film — which would definitely account for Sony now trying to make a new version some three decades later.

According to Variety, this is decidedly a sequel and not some kind of remake or reboot. The project already has a screenwriter as well:

The sequel’s screenplay is from Aeysha Carr, the showrunner of “Woke” who is currently writing Paramount’s reboot of “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.” Tamara Chestna is taking a pass at the script and will also produce. The original film was based on the life of Ava Fries, who served as producer and will return to the sequel as executive producer with Charles W. Fries. Nicole Brown and Shary Shirazi will oversee the project for Sony Pictures.

The report doesn’t specify whether Shelley Long, who starred in the original film as troop leader Phyllis, will reprise her role in the new Troop Beverly Hills. Unless you’re going to have her or some of the original troop members return, why not just do a remake? (The original cast also included Carla Gugino, Kellie Martin, and Jenny Lewis, who grew up to become the lead singer of Rilo Kiley.) If some of the original stars could be coaxed back, it’s easy to see Troop Beverly Hills being a big hit — particularly on streaming, where it could be paired with the original film for endless, thrilling viewings.

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