Amarillo Independent School District has confirmed cases of COVID-19 at two local campuses. Parents were sent a letter confirming cases at Bowie Middle School and Amarillo High School.

These are the first confirmed cases since students returned to classrooms. Parents can expect the following steps to be taken for confirmed COVID-19 cases in the district:

Any time there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school, all parents with a student in that school will be notified via email. All reports will be updated on Fridays and notifications will be sent.

In cases where it is determined by the Amarillo Public Health Department that a student needs to quarantine at home, the student’s parents will receive a phone call. The district is providing additional tools on schools individual websites.  Parents can visit their school's website to see the COVID-19 Campus Safety Plan, as well as all letters sent by the school. To find your child’s school website visit Amarillo ISD.

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