Someone asked in a meeting recently if Amarillo had any year-round schools. I laughed and said Amarillo College, which got some chuckles, but the person was serious. Apparently, year-round schools are a thing. Intrigued, I decided to dig a little and see what I could find.

Needing a year-round school in Amarillo? You'll want to check this out.

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What Is A Year-Round School, Exactly?

It's exactly what it sounds like. A year-round school is a school that has adopted a calendar that leaves school in session all year long. No more extended summer breaks.

Proponents of the year-round system point out that students get more frequent and evenly spaced out breaks. They also point out that students don't get the "summer fog" and forget everything they just spent a school-year learning.

Opponents point out how difficult the schedule is on working parents. The breaks in a year-round school don't really line up with the breaks you might get in your job. Also, there's no summer break, which means you're going to have to rethink and possibly go back to the drawing board on those big family vacations.

Also, some argue there's not really a lot of academic benefit to the year-round schedule.

Does Amarillo Have Any Year-Round Schools?

This has been an interesting dive on the internet to try and see if I could find a year-round school in our area. We have a ton of schools (or at least it seems like we do), ranging from public schools to private academies.

Coming up with a year-round schedule in Amarillo, was a little tough.

The closest I got right away was with Acton Academy. Their FAQs state that they're in session for 11 months. There are 8 weeks taken off during the summer. They go in six-week sessions, followed by a week long break.

A school I found that actually uses the phrase "year-round" is Opportunity School. Before you get too excited about having your teen attend school year-round, full time, you need to know that Opportunity School is a preschool. Not exactly what I was looking for.

While we do have all kinds of options when it comes to your child's education, it appears that having a year-round schedule isn't one of them.

If I'm wrong and there's a year round school hidden out there, let me know.

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