Skip out on the dinner and flowers this year, and go with a unique Valentine's Day event this year. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Here are a few quick ideas to shake up your Valentine's Day.


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    There are a few different places in town that are running specials for couples who want to paint for Valentine’s Day.

    It beats sitting in a crowded restaurant and gambling on whether or not the service and food will be worth the price. Have a drink and sling some paint.

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    Couples Dance Lesson

  • 3

    IV Party

    If you and your significant other are “active” people, and you plan on having one hell of a weekend, this is just for you.

    Grab the love of your life and get an IV shoved into your arms attached to a rejuvenating cocktail of minerals and vitamins. I’ll let you make the obvious joke here.

  • 4

    Third Coast Salt

    If you’re struggling to find a gift, this one won’t break your wallet.

    It’s a unique opportunity, especially if your significant other is into essential oils. Third Coast Salt is running a special on their salt room, and if you add a chair massage, you’ll get Valentine’s themed essential oils. I’m not sure, but you might get someone’s chakras aligned with this one. Also, ask about a couples massage.

  • 5

    Phone Repair

    Check with Phone Medic about their Valentine’s special.

    If your significant other is running around with a busted phone, this could be your opportunity to get it fixed at a discount. However, keep in mind you will be fixing their phone, which means getting ahold of you is now easier. Go for this one at your own risk.

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