Earlier this week, we talked about Walmart closing for Thanksgiving Day for the first time in a long time. Target soon followed suit, along with Dick's Sporting Goods.

Here's a link to the statement from Best Buy regarding the decision to close for Thanksgiving this year.

Both stores mention online shopping during the holiday season, which is a great way to get your shopping done. I skipped all of the lines last year, and the insanity of the aisles, by making my purchases online.

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For example, I woke up the morning the sales started and grabbed my phone. I opened up the Best Buy app, made my purchase, then went back to sleep. When they opened their doors later that evening, my purchase was waiting for me.

No fuss. No frenzy. I was in and out of Best Buy in about 15 minutes with my Black Friday purchase.

I'm expecting that we'll see more of these announcements as we get closer to the fall months. I have yet to talk to someone who is mad that they won't be standing outside in the cold waiting for doors to be unlocked this year.

Everyone seems pretty content with having an old fashioned Thanksgiving.

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