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Multiple news outlets today are reporting that Jason Collier, the former chief of police in Stinnett, has been arrested. Once again, Stinnett has broken the Internet.

Yesterday, the whole world began soaking up the drama filled world of Jason Collier and the multiple women in his life. What started out as a love triangle soon got wildly out of control as overnight, multiple women came out claiming that they too had been taken in by Jason.

Parody and "satire" Facebook pages began popping up immediately. At one point, someone even wrote a folk song about Jason. You can see it below.

True Crime podcast groups began sifting through all of the information and began coming up with all kinds of wild conspiracy theories, as True Crime fans will sometimes do.

Also, I'm sure late last night, at some point, whoever is in charge of the City of Stinnett Facebook page laid their head down cursing Jason and thanking God that the day was over.

By the way, their Facebook page is pretty cleaned up after the beating they took yesterday. Hats off to whoever is in charge over there.

This afternoon, I received a notification from a friend that one of the women involved had posted a message that Jason had been arrested and had resigned his position.

It didn't take long for screenshots and links to news outlets to get shared confirming it to be true.

I doubt this is the last we hear of it for a while.

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