A year ago, Jason Collier took over the Internet. It was the tale of a police chief who had the time management skills of a god, juggling multiple girlfriends, fiances, along with a wife and children. It was a tale that blew up disastrously and took the globe by storm (no, seriously. This made headlines across the world).

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Things Really Got Started With A One Star Review

You could make the argument that it all started with a one-star review of the Stinnett PD. In that review, all was laid bare and the Internet took over from there.

Coffee Pots, Coffee Pots, And More Coffee Pots

One of the biggest punchlines from the whole ordeal was the coffee pots. Apparently, Collier enjoyed sharing his passion for a good cup of brew. The coffee pot jokes never seemed to end.

Even Dr. Phil Got Involved

Things reached a fever pitch. Women were coming out of the woodwork with stories about Jason. Eventually, Jason's side would be told in a book.

After that book came out, he was invited to a sit-down with the one and only Dr. Phil. The episode wasn't anything explosive, and it didn't really do much to salvage Jason's image in the public eye.

The Memes

The memes were pure gold. Interestingly enough, Bernie Sanders was also a pretty hot meme at the time. Somehow a guy from Stinnett would dethrone Bernie sitting in a chair as the Internet's favorite punchline.

Eventually, all good things come to an end. However, we can always look back fondly on the caffeinated trainwreck that was Life with Jason Collier.

Here's a look at the spiciest, best memes from a year ago...

The Spiciest Jason Collier Memes On One Year Anniversary

For the one year anniversary of former Stinnett police chief Jason Collier's rise to the top of the headlines, we take a look back at the spiciest memes.

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