Remember the parody Borger Police Department Facebook page? It's like our own Texas panhandle version of Reno 911!, except no one wears short khaki shorts...that we know of.

I received an email yesterday from an individual that wanted to give me an update on the page. The person told me that Borger PD was going after whoever created the page, and were pursuing felony charges.

I couldn't believe it, personally. So, I decided to head over to one of the few Facebook pages that have given me a chuckle to see for myself. Here's a post describing the current situation:

Bummer. I still find it hard to believe that anyone would actually take the page seriously. Then again, there are people who take Alex Jones and David Icke seriously.

I find it even harder to believe that anyone would be alarmed by anything posted. Did someone actually believe the wind blew so hard that BPD landed in Pampa?

That's the type of stuff being posted.

And this:

Even posts that deal with real topics like the shutdown, or masks, are hard to take serious. It was a couple of those posts though that supposedly got the creator in trouble.

One was regarding mandatory masks. That one talks about extreme jail time for people who don't wear masks, and random home checks to make sure everyone is wearing their mask.

The other was regarding quarantine. It listed prostitutes as essential workers.

The person behind the page has posted about getting a lawyer, and has even asked for help covering legal fees.

Whoever you are, I wish you luck.

And, on a personal note, since you pinned my last article...does that make me a good citizen?



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