It's a day to celebrate our love for someone by sending them cards, flowers, chocolates and more.

This year American's are expected to spend close to $21 billion dollars on the romantic day according to Yahoo! Finance. This spending surpasses Easter, Father's Day and Halloween.

When you break it down here's how things look:

  • We'll by saying 'I Love You' or 'Be Mine' with more than 88 million roses where we spent $1.9 billion on the fragrant floral
  • If your expressing 'I Love You' through candy, like 55% of us plan on doing, we'll be spending $1.8 billion on sweets for our sweethearts
  • Thinking about putting a ring on it or giving jewelry to your loved one? We'll be shelling out $3.8 billion to put smiles on their faces! In addition to shedding some tears with the approximately 9 million marriage proposals that will be made today.
  • Another $900 million will be spent on those cards that have that perfect 'I Love You' message inside

When you break it down, men will spend more on Valentine's Day than the ladies will. According to the National Retail Federation, on average we'll be spending around $160 on gift for our lovers - guys will be spending about $229 on gift whereas ladies will be spending $98.

Valentine's dinner is a big deal for some, Wallet Hub reports that 34% of couples plan on going out to dinner Valentine's night spending around a $100 on dinner.  Italian cuisine leads the way as the most popular meal followed by French and then seafood.

Pay close attention to your friends' relationship status on their Facebook profile over the four days following Valentine's Day because around a million users will be changing their relationship status!

Source: WalletHub

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