We're almost "out of the woods" as they say. Temperatures are getting above freezing today for the first time in almost eight days. Tomorrow, we're supposed to see warmer weather. This record setting cold snap is almost over.

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This week has been rough. Several businesses and services were closed due to the weather, and then remained closed to help reduce energy usage.

We just have to make it to Monday.

Schools will be back in session. City and county offices will be reopening. You will be able to go to the library. The walk-in vaccination clinic will be open again. The drive-thru testing center will be open again.

Not only will the walk-in clinic be open, but they are stocked with doses for everyone in groups 1A, 1B, and for those needing their second dose. I wonder if there will be a rush for those that were hoping to get the vaccine this week. I would definitely keep track of the availability of the vaccine next week by using this website.

You can get more information by following this link to the City of Amarillo's website.

It was yet another trying time. I know several people who had busted pipes, had to take off from work, had issues with vehicles, and lost power. The headlines from around the state have also painted a pretty grim picture of this week.

The good news is that we're almost out of it, and things will be back to some kind of "normal" starting on Monday.

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