Ah, the Lone Star State. A land so massive that it contains everything from deserts and rolling plains, to enormous pine forests and ocean frontage. It makes sense you'd want to get the RV and spend some time seeing what all Texas has to offer.

So which National Parks in Texas have RV camping spots? Buckle up.

First Of All, There's An Important Distinction You Need To Be Aware Of

That distinction is the difference between the types of parks you're probably thinking of. We have two varieties of those types of parks.

  • National
  • State

Texas has several of one, and not much of the other. Can you guess which is which?

Bad News; Texas Only Has Two National Parks

It's true. Don't believe me? Follow this link.

We have several National Recreation Areas, Historic Sites, and Preserves. We only have two National Parks. They are:

  • Big Bend
  • Guadalupe Mountains

Good News; You Do Have Options For RV Camping At National Parks In Texas

So, to answer the question of which National "Parks" have spots for your chateau on wheels; the answer is...both. Both of them do. Of course they do.

In fact, most parks offer some form of RV camping. Any time that I've booked a reservation or stayed at a State or National Park or Recreation Area (looking at you Lake Meredith), there's always been an option for RV camping.

Be sure to use this link to see which National parks and Recreational Areas you might be interested in.

Use this link for RV camping in State parks.

There's a lot of gorgeous land to see in the state of Texas. Honestly, it's pretty much my favorite part of calling the Lone Star State home. Get out this spring and summer and enjoy it.

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