We've all been through some tough times, and with COVID jumping into our lives, even more people have struggled more than ever.

Thanks to the Stuff The Bus campaign however, plenty of Amarillo kids will be getting the school supplies they need for the upcoming school year.

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For the past week and a half, you may have seen a bus with a huge banner on the side. It appears plenty of Amarillo residents did. This year was a year in which so many people have been affected by financial hardship due to the pandemic, but Amarillo came through in a major way.

Over $6,000 worth of school supplies were donated in this years Stuff The Bus campaign, and that is going to provide a lot of kids with the school supplies they need for the 2021-2022 school year.

Elton Bradley, President of the Northside Toy Drive stated, "That takes a lot of pressure off the families". Indeed it does. If you've ever bought school supplies, you know how quickly costs can rack up. Not to mention that electronics are being brought into the equation these days as some learning now takes place on tablets where the kids need headphones and other tools to be in the classroom.

Bradley went on to say, "Amarillo continues to do amazing things. I can't say that I don't believe it, because I believe in what Amarillo can do." I couldn't agree more. We have such a wonderful community that bands together in the toughest of times, and once again you've done it.

The materials gathered will fill up nearly 3,000 cinch bags full of supplies for the kids and will be handed out this Saturday at Thompson Park during the Chill & Grill BBQ event.

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