I have always wondered why school supply lists varied by schools and classes. You would think that if a child was in 3rd grade in the same district, for instance, that they would all require the same supplies. Now this year, with the uncertainty of how the school year will shape up, Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) has announced unified school supply lists across the district.

AISD announced this change to make the process of purchasing school supplies easier for families. This year, there will be a list for elementary students and a list for secondary school students.

AISD asks that all students have ample supplies from the lists provided. As supplies are depleted throughout the year, you will be required to replace your child’s supplies in a timely manner. Additional organizational (i.e. spirals, folders, USB drives) and/or content specific (i.e. protractors, project supplies) supplies may be requested by individual teachers throughout the school year. If you have questions concerning these supplies, please contact your school’s principal directly.

When it comes to purchasing supplies not on the list, teachers will have to get approval from the campus administration before initiating the request. Timelines for purchasing additional supplies should be reasonable (minimum of five days) and will be kept to a minimal expense. When it comes to the brand name, color, size, etc. of supplies, that will be left up to parent discretion. Students will not be penalized or rewarded for purchasing school supplies.

In addition to tissue and baggies, students are strongly encouraged to provide a bottle of hand sanitizer (62% alcohol content or greater), disinfecting wipes, and provide their own mask/face shield to meet the expectation of wearing a face covering while on campus. For secondary school students, with increasing applications of technology-based instructional activities, students are encouraged to bring small “ear bud” type headphones to be used at teacher and principal discretion.

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