Dads just keep coming up with more and more clever ways to keep an eye on their daughters.

In what has to be the most glaring example in "Dad, you're embarrassing me" history, this father made his daughter wear this shirt, putting her social life through high school in serious jeopardy. As if this wasn't humiliating enough for the girl, the picture went viral on Reddit.

BojanM79, Reddit

Their expressions tell you everything you need to know. The girl is all like, "My dad is so lame," while the dad is thinking, "How awesome and creative am I?"

If this was a sitcom, they'd wind up in a big fight when he learns she immediately took the shirt off after getting to school. Then, after she ignores him for a few days, there's a heartwarming moment where they sit down and she tells him that he needs to learn to trust her.

He finally comes around and they share a big hug after he says it's hard for him to accept she won't always be his little girl, at which point she sweetly says, "I'll always be your little girl, but you need to let me grow up and make my own choices." Then, they hug and we erase the whole thing from our DVR.

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