Growing up we had a lot of cool toys. Really cool toys. There are some toys I really miss some I used to own. How about you?

I had a really cool Sesame Street house to play with....I loved that. My favorite record player was a blue Fisher Price record player. I would play my Beatles 45's on that.

But the one that is my most favorite is the one I received for my 5th birthday. It was a 1978 Jansen Talking Tweety and Sylvester Alarm Clock. I didn't mind waking up hearing Tweety ask me to help and save him from Sylvester.

I would love to say I kept this clock from my childhood...but sadly it did not make it. Thank goodness for Ebay though! I found one of these clocks back when Faith was about 4 years old.....and I paid WAY too much for it back then.

I was so happy when it came in and I proudly displayed it in my 4-year old's room. That was my first mistake. She loved the clock too and loved to hear Tweety Bird call for help.

That is until the moment she dropped it on the floor and broke it. Insert sad face here! :(

Since that moment I have been looking for another working clock...and have not had any luck until this past July. I justified that "Hey my birthday is coming up......and I deserved this clock!"  I mean come on my child broke my last one.

So I ended up spending WAY too much more (way more than 18 years ago)....because as I have is next to impossible to find a working version of this clock! It sits proudly on my fireplace mantle.

Do you have a toy that reminds you of your childhood? I want to hear about it! Comment below

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