It's a day where we celebrate our moms.  It's Mother's Day and not just any gift will do.  This is the woman who gave birth to you and nurtured you from child to adulthood.  Not just any gift will do.   What does mom really want for

Mother's Day?

According to a new survey of moms by, here are the top three gifts

that mothers want

#1.)  A day at the spa

#2.)  A gift card

#3.)  Something homemade

As for the gift that they DON'T want the number one answer was "flowers."

Now, beyond the gift:  32% of moms said the way they most want to spend Mother's Day is by having a nice family meal out.  30% want to spend time with the family at home.

Of the non-mothers in the survey, only 22% say they plan to spend at least $25 more on a Mother's Day gift this year.

(PR Newswire)