The Amarillo Police Department wants to remind you on what to do if you are in a minor traffic accident. 

car wreck

When was the last time you were in a car accident? Have you ever been in a car accident?  Did you know there are certain guidelines you should follow if you are in a car accident?  Do you think it is against the law to move your vehicle if you have been in an accident? It's not.  Did you know there are laws to follow when you get into a minor car accident?  Laws you probably didn't realize you should follow in a minor accident.

If you are in an accident on a main lane, ramp, shoulder or median, etc, and your vehicle can be safely moved and driven, you as a driver should move your vehicle to the nearest frontage road or cross street or a safe place as soon as possible.

What is considered a car that can be safely driven, a car that does not need towing and that can be driven as you would normally drive the vehicle.

This is for minor fender benders and no one is injured.

In other words, get your car to a safe place and off the main highway and streets and away from traffic.

If the accident is more serious and injuries have occurred and the vehicles are not moveable, then the law requires that drivers stop and render aid and assistance, plus provide information and report the accident to law enforcement.

By following the law when it comes to minor accidents are you are helping to avoid other accidents in the roadway, and helping prevent injuries.


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