For most of us, we get it. Roundabouts aren't some kind of space-age technology placed in the middle of the road to confuse and confound, but instead keep the flow of traffic moving at a reasonable pace. Roundabouts are great, except when someone who has no idea what they're doing tries to use one.

Why can't some people figure out how to work a roundabout?

Yes, You Need To Use Your Blinker When Entering And Exiting A Roundabout

This is a pretty standard move. You're entering the roundabout by...turning. Using the turn signal makes sense. Plus, it's the law. You need to use your blinker.

You'll also want to yield to oncoming traffic. They have the right of way.

You'll definitely want to use your blinker when you exit the roundabout. That's just letting people know not to slam into you.


How Is This So Difficult?

It's mind numbing really that roundabouts are so problematic for some of us. Half of the time there are signs posted to help you navigate the thing. It really shouldn't be this hard.

On more than a handful of occasions, I've watched as someone enters the roundabout going the wrong way to make a quick exit. It's dangerous, illegal, and could get someone hurt.

The Best Thing To Do? Just Pay Attention.

It's really that easy. Slow down as you approach the "circle of motorized confusion," check for oncoming traffic, and then enter the roundabout. Most of the time, you'll need to go to the right.

Then, once you've reached where you want to be, simply exit. Super easy. Super simple.

We can do this.

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