A friend of mine sent me a video earlier today, and what I saw blew my mind. It was an advertisement for a new wedding service. A Chuck E. Cheese wedding was now on the menu. Was it real? Could it be possible? Who would do such a thing?

What would be positive about about have a wedding at the Chuck E Cheese in Amarillo?

You Wouldn't Have To Worry About Booking A Band

They have a band built in, quite literally, to the whole deal. No worrying about your significant other's cousin bringing his drinking buddies to provide horrible covers of songs that no one recognizes.

No you get a world famous house band. The one in Amarillo is actually pretty popular in its own right. There's been more than one Chuck E. Cheese enthusiast make the trip to our town, and then post it on YouTube.

You Don't Need To Bother People With Checking A Box For Chicken Or Beef

There's pizza. End of story. No worrying about your third cousin thrice removed throwing a hissy-fit over the fact that fish wasn't on the menu.

Your friends and family RSVP to this insanity, they should be well aware of what's on the menu.

No Need To Argue With Your Future Spouse Over Their Crap Taste In Music

There's a built-in, pun intended, DJ who will be stiffly pretending to spin wax all night long. There's also the dance floor, so you don't have to worry about "making room."

Since the DJ isn't alive, you won't be able to make requests and berate the DJ. You can, it's just that the DJ won't care. Even better, you won't be able to hurt their feelings.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

It is. If you head over to Chuck E. Cheese's website, you find out that the whole thing was a multi-layered April Fool's joke. You start at the video, go to the website, look around, click a link, and then finally find out you've been hoodwinked.

Well played, Chuck E. Cheese.

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