I love when I get emails informing me on how and what Texans think. Usually, they're way off the mark and are pretty funny. Hardly ever the kind of thing I'd take seriously. Except for this morning. A new study just came out, and the results uncovered something interesting.

What would Texans leave Texas for? According to this study, the mountains.

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Texans Thinking About Trading In The Windy Plains For Snow Capped Mountains

The folks over at FamilyDestinationsGuide.com recently surveyed 3,000 families. The survey was used to figure out where families would consider moving to if they left their home state.

Now, I understand Texan pride. Growing up in Oklahoma, it was the first thing you though of when someone said they were from Texas. It's hard to think that many would be considering, much less that there would be a favored destination.

I expected most Texans to respond to the survey, "Leave? Nope. That's not what we do." Or something similar.

But they did respond, and come to find out, most Texans would leave the Lone Star State for the snow capped mountains of Colorado.

Texans Moving To Colorado Makes A Lot Of Sense

When you stop to think about it, at least every Texan I know. There's a lot to do outdoors. There's still room for a bit of rugged individualism. You can get away from it all, or be in the middle of it all in Colorado. They have major cities, and vast expanses of uninhabited nature.

Plus, there's great beer and the special lettuce they grow up there. And there's a lot of live music, and art.

I've even kicked the idea around that if someday the good Lord should decide to remove me from my home on the high plains, I think I'd like to land up in Colorado. This study felt like someone was listening in on my conversations with the Almighty, which makes me a bit uncomfortable.

You can find out more from their study by clicking on this link.

Things You See On US-287 From Colorado To Texas

It can be a boring drive, but there are some interesting things along the way.

Russell's Travel Center

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Exit 369

This travel center has a classic car museum inside as well as a quaint little chapel.

Hungry? It also has an awesome diner that you need to try.

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