You may not have heard of Albany, Texas. It's northeast of Abilene, which is east of Sweetwater, where the annual Rattlesnake Roundup, was held earlier this month. The participants may have missed the 45 rattlers, under his house.

The unnamed homeowner had decided his cable service wasn't all it had been, and decide to peek under his house to see if there was a wire loose. He quickly crawled out after seeing, what he called " a few snakes."

A call to Big Country Snake Removal, brought out the experts who removed 45, live rattlesnakes. The company shot video of process of extracting all 45 snakes, and posted it on their website. (NOT ..for the faint of heart.)

Nathan Hawkins owns Big Country Snake Removal, and says, the 45 rattlesnakes aren't his record.. Three years ago, his company removed 88 rattlers from under another local home.

“They’ll start emerging, and then what they’re going to do is they’re going to start trying to find food. And then they’re going to start breeding,” Hawkins said. “A lot of people are getting snakes in their yard, and it’s because basically the habitat has been destroyed around the housing developments.”

Hawkins says his company removes some 2,000 snakes a year.

Several years ago, there was a story going around Amarillo, that during construction of a home, in a new housing development, workers discovered the house had been built upon a den of rattlers. The snakes came up, made themselves at home, and the house was knocked to the ground and rebuilt. Great story-if it's true.

What's under YOUR house?



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