At one point in my life, I took maybe one flight a year. When the TSA PreCheck program was introduced, I had no interest. Since then, life has changed and I've been waiting for my chance to sign up. If you're sick of the long lines and waiting at airports, you might want to think about it.

When can you sign up for TSA PreCheck in Amarillo? Next month.

TSA PreCheck Honestly May Be Worth The Money

I can already hear the words "but security isn't that bad to go through in Amarillo" coming out of your mouth. And, to be fair, you're right. I never really fret about getting through security because the lines aren't usually that long.

But what about where you're going to be flying back home from?

Standing in line in Dallas, I realized that if flying was going to be a part of my life then I should probably consider getting in on PreCheck. Especially after the experience I had with one of those hip, young, youth pastor types with the dreadlocks and Birkenstocks.

It's $78, and if you travel with any kind of frequency it may be worth the money.

TSA PreCheck Enrollement Event In Amarillo Is In March

It will be March 13 through March 24 at Rick Husband International Airport, according to a press release issued by the City of Amarillo. During this time, you can fill out your paperwork and get enrolled right here in Yellow City.

According to the press release, you can speed up the process by completing the application online. In-person, you will need to provide:

  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of citizenship
  • fingerprints
  • photo

If you get approved, then you get five years of traveling in the fast to speak. You can find out more by clicking on this link.

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