Someone recently asked me if I had seen all the new places going up on Osage. Curious, I decided to go see what they were talking about. I found a sports bar, a place for desserts, a salon, and one of those loan joints.

When did Osage get a whole new shopping center?

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El Rincon de la Cruda

This is the sports bar. Beyond the food and cold drinks, they also dabble in music. At least, that's what I gather from their Facebook page. There's a lot happening in this spot, and the food looks really good from what I've seen.

Their grand opening was on January 13. I need to get out more apparently.

Yuki Town Cravings & More

If you've got a sweet tooth, they've got the cure. If it can be labeled as a dessert, they probably have it available for you to shove in your face.

Looking through their Facebook page, it looks like they have a little bit of everything; from cakes to fresh fruit juices. Their grand opening was on January 24. Where the hell was I?

D'Gala Beauty Salon

It's....a salon. It does what you expect salons to do. Their Facebook page does mention that they do family cuts, so feel free to take the kids with you. They offer a lot of different services.

They seem really excited about their sugar waxing service. It's mentioned several times, and supposedly is recommended over other kinds of waxing.

Sure, it may leave your skin with a healthy grow...but does it still hurt like hell? Find me a waxing service that doesn't feel like some form of government sanctioned torture and I might sign up.

Sun Loan and Tax Services

As is the case with most strip malls and little shopping centers, you'll find a Sun Loan. They're everywhere. If you're looking to make a day of it, I suppose you could start with a fresh haircut and then some dessert to prep for getting your taxes done. Afterwards, you can go grab a few cold ones to help you get over getting your taxes done.

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