I recently came across an update on social media saying that Amarillo Public Library had recently received an award of excellence. At first, I thought "how nice" and moved on. Then I stopped to think about it.

There are many good reasons why Amarillo Library deserves such a high honor.

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Amarillo Library Offers A Lot More Than Books

Just go take a look at their website. The library, nowadays, is a lot more than just the place that smells musty and let's you check out books.

There are employment services offered. ESL services are offered. There's that whole section devoted to helping you learn how to make craft items.

Let's not forget the annual festival they put on.

Our Library Even Puts On Its Own Version Of Comic Con

Ama-Con is an annual tradition, and without the Amarillo Library it wouldn't happen. The library plays a really big role in making sure all you cosplayers, proud nerds, gamers, geeks, and enthusiasts have everything from a prom to vendors of everything you love.

Our library really does offer a lot for the community, and it's apparent once you stop to think about it.

Of Course, Literacy, Reading, And Books Will Always Be The Cornerstone

It should go without saying, but of course our library does a great job supplying the city with great books to read for young and old alike. Plus, there are a lot of reading programs for kids to help encourage literacy and a love for reading.

Congrats to Amarillo Public Library for achieving this honor. It's well deserved.

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