For me, the best part of a scary story is how innocently it starts. The horror slowly creeps in, almost going completely unnoticed. Then, when the time is right, it unveils itself and attacks.

A doll mysteriously appeared at the Northwest Library, slowly taking over.

It all began with a post on Facebook about a doll that had been left behind at the library. Someone had left a doll behind at Northwest Library, and a search began for the owner. it would take 48 hours of funny posts on social media before the doll was finally reunited with its family.

That's when something strange happened. A new doll appeared. This one is less adorable, and a little more creepy.

The cursed doll locker wasn't enough to hold the doll. It appeared in the librarian's car and followed them home.

It was put in a small crib but didn't stay there long. The next post is of the doll lying in the librarian's bed.

After the scary wake-up call, things seemed to quiet down. A deal was struck with the doll, and there were no more incidents. Instead, the doll was taken out for a shopping trip. Part of the trip involved, as you might guess, books. The cursed doll's taste in literature shouldn't be surprising.

If you thought this was where the story would end, then you forgot about what my second favorite part of a good scary story is. The false happy ending. It usually happens just before the biggest scare of all.

Look at what just showed up at the library.

Hopefully, all is well, and stays that way at the library.

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