So my daughter sent me a text last week saying she lost her retainers. She said we was sleeping with them the other night and she woke up and they are gone!

She said she searched her whole bed for them and nothing. Now to be fair growing up she had to get 2 rounds of braces, oral surgery, chains to pull down a tooth that then was backwards and needed to be flipped.

I spent a small fortune on her mouth so she needs her retainers to keep her now perfect teeth straight. I told her to call Sparkman Orthodontics to find out how much new ones would cost.

She did and the verdict was $200. So she set up an appointment but in the meantime was determined to find them.

I asked if she took all the sheets off her bed to make sure they were not caught up somewhere in the abyss of the sheets. She did....they were not there. I asked her if she moved her mattresses. She said she did what she could.

She asked if I could come over during the weekend and look better. She thought a second pair of eyes would help. So I said yes because come on I want to save me that $200 new retainer fee.

So I went to her house....and tore apart her room....took off the sheets to her bed....moved all her mattresses. No retainers to find anywhere and remember she said she wore them the other night and lost them in her sleep.

I also moved her dressers....still nothing. I felt defeated and told Faith that she would have to go see Dr. Sparkman and get new ones made.

I then went in her bathroom because as a mom......while i am at her house I decided to do a little straightening up while she was at work. So she came home to a clean apartment.

As I was in her bathroom cleaning up stuff I was putting things up in a pull out drawer shelf she has. What do I see in there? A retainer case......oh and yes....the case had retainers in it.

I left them on her shelf and went home. I figured there was no way those were them. I figured they were the mouth pieces she got from her dentist when she signed up for her Forever Smile Club. She gets gel to whiten her teeth every six months when she goes in to see her dentist.

She gets home and sends me a text thanking me for cleaning her apartment. She then asked me where I found her retainers? Really? Did she not even look anywhere else? I thought she wore them the other night?

Well the good news is she now has her retainers and I was able to save $200!

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