Sugar. It's makes everything so yummy. But we know it is not good for us. There are even sugar substitutes to try to make it better for you.

Why has sugar got such a bad wrap? Well it has been said that it can be highly addictive and eating sugar makes you crave more and more of those bad for you foods. Which just adds on the pounds.

There was even a study showing how much our kids rely on eating sugar too. It is sad that everyone is consumed with sugar. The study by Public Health England claims that the average child has consumed 304 pounds of sugar by the time they turn 10!

That is just crazy. That much sugar is actually the amount recommended for an average 18 year-old. That means they are getting eight years of sugar way before their time. That seems crazy.

The average 10 year old should be consuming between 20 and 24 grams of sugar a day. They are currently consuming 52 grams a day. That is actually the equivalent of 13 sugar cubes.

I know it is hard to cut out all sugar. A lot of foods have it. Any carbs break down to sugar; such as breads and pasta. It's the added sugar that we need to cut back on. I am talking about the cakes, cookies, donuts and such.

Again it is not an all or nothing thing. It is unreasonable to suggest you shouldn't eat any of these items. You just don't have to have it at every meal. Use snacks like that for more of an end of the week reward. Not an end to every meal.



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