I know it is so hard to stick with eating healthy. Sometimes driving through and ordering a combo is just so much easier than planning our lunches throughout the week at work. Sometimes we even run out of the house without a good healthy breakfast.

We make that quick thought that I can make it until lunch. I got this. You don't though. You get to work and you see snacks all around. There is that box from Donut Stop that is calling out your name. Can you resist? The bad thing about grabbing that donut or even a bag of chips is that it is easy. We know that. It also sets us up for failure.

Those snacks that we reluctantly reach for spoils our appetite for later on. We then think we already blew our healthy eating goals for the day so why stop now. It doesn't matter how often we start or even when during the day we do, as long as we make those smarter choices. It will help us out in the long run.

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Sometimes we even think we are making good choices. We run over to Pak A Sak on our break to get a snack. We stay away from the cookies and chips. We go for what we think is a healthy snack. We grab a protein bar. We got this. Sometimes we don't read the label. We just assume it is healthy.

Then we get back to the office and we see the amount of sugars and even the number of calories. We convince ourselves that it has protein so we are good. Then we look and it doesn't have as much as we thought. We need to be diligent on checking those labels. Checking and comparing can lead to better choices no matter where we go.

Even making sure that we have healthy snacks at home to bring to work can help. Stock up on nuts, fruit, cheese, maybe even make a few hard boiled eggs to bring with you. That way you will have the better choices and not spoil your appetite or diet for the day.

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