The Parade of Homes is Back This Year
One of the big things here every spring is the Parade of Homes. It's one of the biggest fundraisers for Texas Panhandle Builders Association. Whether you own a home, hope to own one or just love getting ideas this is the event for you.
What We Eat Leads Us To More Unhealthy Choices
I know it is so hard to stick with eating healthy. Sometimes driving through and ordering a combo is just so much easier than planning our lunches throughout the week at work. Sometimes we even run out of the house without a good healthy breakfast.
Texas DPS Warns Amarillo Drivers About 'Puffing'
As much I as love winter, I do not enjoy the trip outside in the morning, to deal with the car. Scraping, waiting for the heater kick in, and avoid committing a crime! The Texas Department of Public Safety says "No puffing!"
In this case, "puffing" has nothing to w…
Construction 24 Hours A Day
We're all aware of the construction going on all over Amarillo. I stay positive, knowing at some point, it will end and this town is going to look really good!