I know the excitement around Buc-ee's opening up in Amarillo, TX. is absolutely palpable, and it should be. Not everyone gets one. However, there are some other new convenience stores that are starting to pop up around the city that we should be getting excited about.

While I love all the different Toot'n Totum and Pak-A-Sak locations around town, I feel competition is a good thing, and we're getting some without a doubt.

Recently, QuikTrip entered the conversation with the opening of their first location in Amarillo. That location is on westbound I-40 close to the Eastern St. exit. The unique thing about that particular location is they built it with a more spacious store design than their typical stores, and offer larger lots to park in.

It's loaded down with gas pumps, 20 of them to be exact, as well as five diesel bays so trucks can get their fuel. The only problem with the location is it's located a lot closer to Rick Husband International Airport than it is to where a majority of the Amarillo population lives.

Good news is there's another one that is close to being completed right off of Bell and Arden next to I-27. The area has been buzzing with all sorts of movement and traffic, and it would appear they're getting close to opening.

When they first started building it, they said it would be spring/summer 2024 before they opened, but based on what I see, it should be sometime before winter ends when they get the doors open to it.

If you've never been inside a QT before, it's an incredible convenience store. Sure, they offer up all your typical items such as candy bars and bottled drinks, but it's what they offer outside of those things that sets it apart.

If you're looking for a gig, they're hiring for multiple positions right now, such as store assistant manager and store clerks. If you want to apply and be a part of the movement, you can do so by clicking here.

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